mad hot love intensive

Mad Hot Love is a couples workshop that is designed to deepen the levels of love, connection and intimacy in your relationship. Each intensive is customized exclusively for you and your partner and facilitated in the privacy of your own home.

Whether you have been together for two months or twenty years, participating in Mad Hot Love will bring you closer together, open your eyes and hearts to parts of each other you may have never seen before and leave you feeling deeply connected with a toolbox full of new and exciting ways to relate to each other.

Mad Hot Love Intensive is for you if. . .

  • You are in a fulfilling relationship and want to deepen your connection.
  • You and your partner seem to be drifting apart.
  • You are in a new relationship and want to make it as amazing as possible.
  • You have been together for many years and want to bring new energy into your relationship.

What you will discover in Mad Hot Love Intensive. . .

  • Deepening of connection and respect for your partner.
  • Opening yourselves to each other in unique ways.
  • Allowing yourself to be truly seen by your partner.
  • Sharing in creative contexts that have you experience new levels of ¬†intimacy.
  • Raising your level of conscious interaction.
  • Deepening your conversation to consistently uncover parts of yourselves to enhance your relationship.
  • Creating games and themes that have you working together to cultivate a more intentionally fulfilling relationship.


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