Let’s hear it for an added surplus of fun!

Add a little extra music and memory to your wedding by having your bridal party dance into the ceremony or shake up the reception!

Whether you’d like to have your bridesmaids and grooms dance down the aisle with you or perform something silly and saucy at the reception, we can concoct the perfect theme for your wedding. This is a really fun way to make your wedding day even more special and unique. AND, it’s a great activity for the bridal party to do together. As many bridal partiers live out of state, we can organize a one to two hour crash course the week of the wedding.

Not sure if all this craziness is right for you but a wee bit intrigued? Give us a ring and we’ll discuss what might work for your vision!

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”  Dr. Seuss