Looking for something ridiculously fun and creative to do with your girls?

Something sassy, spicy and a tad bit daring?

How about an evening of hip rolls, hair tosses and smokin’ hot moves?

Plan a private party where you and your best friends will learn the hottest exotic dance and striptease moves!
From hip rolls and floor crawls to sexy walks and lap dancing tricks, we will make your bachelorette party an evening of frisky fun and playful sass as we give your bridal party a crash course in exotic dancing!

And the best part is that you will learn moves you can take home and actually use!

Whether you are planning to hit the town, do a spa day or enjoy a mellow evening of wine and conversation, a private striptease class will hands down, have your bachelorette party be a most memorable one!

Woohoo! Let’s get sassy!

“What??? I don’t know how to move my body like that? And even if I did, I’m way too shy for all this sexy stuff!”

Perfect! This class is designed for non-dancers and specifically taught for women of all ages and body types.
We welcome and adore awkwardness or nervousness of any kind!

“What??? You want me to strip in front of my friends?”

Well, not exactly. There is no nudity in any of our classes, however you are welcome to get as wild as you like!

“What is all this sexiness and fun going cost?”

Prices vary depending on location, day of the week and size of party.

“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.” – Dr. Seuss