How to make your first dance rock 101. Little things can make a big difference when it comes to rocking your first dance with confidence and style. Whether you want flash and sass or just a few moves to keep you from feeling like an idiot (or as one student said, “until I no longer look like I’m having a seizure”) on the dance floor, there’s some simple prep you can do to get ahead of the game.  And at the very least, just by reading this, perhaps some groovy new ideas will spark about planning your wedding.

Rockin’ Your First Dance Tip #1

Pick your song(s) and your style! Which rock do you want to roll? Think about what style and vibe you want your dance to be. Slow and romantic, sexy and sassy, fun and funky? Or maybe a combo of all three – see Tip # 3 Unique First Dances. Bring in your music, we’ll show you some moves and you can decide what you like best and what looks best on you. If you’re having a hard time figuring out which song to dance to, think about what songs are meaningful to you – which tunes remind you of each other and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Or, just come in and we’ll brainstorm together while we sip champagne. . . . er, uh. . . . water .

Rockin’ Your First Dance Tip #2

Who else is dancing? Are you having a father/daughter or mother/son dance? Chances are your parents are just as nervous as you are about dancing in front of a room full of people. So bring them in, even for a last minute cram session if they’re in from out of town! We’ll cool their nerves and have some family fun!

Rockin’ Your First Dance Tip # 3

Shake it up with a super unique first dance and go from slow and romantic to a crazy choreographed hip hop jam or any number of beats that will surely give your guests a night to remember! And if you want to add in an even heavier dose of fun, we can choreograph a dance for your whole wedding party following your first dance.  Let’s start the reception off with style!

Rockin’ Your First Dance Tip #4

It doesn’t end with your first dance. You have a whole night of dancing ahead of you. So if you don’t feel totally confident about how to dance with anyone at anytime, be sure to allocate some extra time to learn social dancing that will carry you through the evening and give you the confidence and knowledge to dance the night away if you choose. Or at the very least, be cool, calm and collected when it’s time to dance with Grandma, Grandpa and friends!

Rockin’ Your First Dance Tip #5

Find out the size of your dance floor. If we are planning an elegant Waltz for your first dance but your dance floor is only 4 x 4, we might have a problem. We want to be sure that everything we plan and practice will work with the size of your floor and the design of the room.

Rockin’ Your First Dance Tip #6

Will your threads cramp your style? Find out if your wedding dress will restrict your movement in any way so we can plan accordingly. Try some dance moves at some point a few weeks before the wedding (in your dress and wedding shoes) to make sure you can still shake your groove!

Gentlemen – lose the jacket. We suggest removing your jacket for your dance. Your movement will be restricted, the shoulders crumple up and you could even tear it. You can always put it back on afterward.

Rockin’ Your Dance Tip #7

This is just the beginning! Having an amazing night of dancing at your wedding is awesome. Becoming a couple that dances for a lifetime is even awesomer. Dancing and the connection it creates between two people is a beautiful thing to share and going through life as a dancing couple is a very special gift you can give yourself. If you want to continue lessons after your wedding, we will lay the groundwork for social dancing as we prepare you for your wedding dance. Yay for a lifetime of dancing!

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss